Something new is coming...

The raising interest for this project is amazing.

We see a continuously growing amount of lookups, API requests and Discord servers inviting our bot.

To be able to ship new features and improve the "look and feel" of our tools, we decided to rebuilt the website (once again).
But we don't stop here - our API endpoint, version 3, is close to be released.
Our Discord bot will get a few updates, too to support new features, we aren't spoiling here.

Some new features which are already done or on the todo list:

  • Website themes
  • Multilanguage support
  • A smarter design to fit better on big and small screens
  • An improved performance on all devices
  • Adding new variants to lookup & convert
  • Improving the Discord bot and API documentation
  • Adding a profile dashboard and management tools
  • Making it easier especially for beginners to use our API endpoint
  • Adding more detailed (and fancy) metrics and statistics
  • and much more...

Simply said things are getting easier to use, look better, more consistent and standardized, everywhere and on any device.

Be excited for the upcoming updates! At least we are excited...

Would you like to see some first insights?

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